Gate City Community Gardens

The heart of the organization.

The community garden is the heart of the organization. It is located in the Tree Streets neighborhood area of Nashua, which is rich cultural diversity and within short walking distance of many city amenities. The intent of the community garden is to increase the amount of green space in the area and to provide an opportunity for residents to have a garden close to their home. The community garden is a huge asset to the community and is placed purposefully on this very busy rail trail through the center of the city. One cannot be at the community garden without passerbys commenting on how beautiful the garden has become, or how happy they are that it is there.

The community garden is a fenced in area beside the Nashua Heritage Rail Trail, which previously had been home to trash, pet waste, weeds and ugliness. The community garden features twelve separate, 4 by 8 foot, ADA compliant raised beds, each with a water spigot for easy watering. Around the outside of fence that encloses the garden are many raspberry plants for the public picking and a small children’s garden for local children to tend and harvest. Attached to the fence is a “free vegetable” bin, so gardeners can share their bumper crops with the community. The garden also has a Mutt Mitt station, so dog owners can clean up after their pets and garbage cans that the public can use. These two features have been important to helping keep the area much cleaner.

There are a minimum of 3 Work Days each growing season, where gardeners, groups, and/or the public can volunteer to clean up the trail and work on projects at the garden. Please come out and join us!

If you are interested in gardening at the Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden, applications are ready in January each year. You can apply online or print and mail the application. Priority is given to previous gardeners and proximity to the garden, but anyone is welcome to apply. Applicants will be contacted about the status of their applications by mid March. Plot fees are $35 per year. Please read the Garden Agreement, and sign up for our newsletter so you will be contacted when the applications are up!